Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recap of the Last Year

So I'm trying out this whole blog thing which is proving to be a lot more difficult for me than I had imagined. Brandon has already threatened to take my computer away if I keep whining because this whole thing is way to complicated for me :-) 

So, before I start in, a quick recap of our past year:
In May, 2009 I started working on my Master of Social Work degree at MSU, Mankato and graduated July 24, 2010. I applied and was approved to take my Licensed Graduate Social Worker examination by the Minnesota Board of Social Work. My next step is to contact the Association of Social Work Boards and schedule the exam. I plan to take the exam in October after MSU's MSW program gets accredited by the MN Board of Social Work so I don't have to worry about getting a temporary license for just a few months.  Plus, I haven't really had a whole lot of time to take it before then anyway!
On December 4, 2009 Brandon and I found out we were expecting our first baby! I'm actually due 2 days from now - August 9, 2010. I had a hunch that I was pregnant but didn't take the test until I was a week late because I wanted to make sure and not be disappointed by a negative test. We spilled the beans when I was about 9 1/2 weeks pregnant because we couldn't keep it a secret any longer! We did however make it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years without anyone finding out. We later learned that my mom had her suspicions. She thought it was odd that I told her I didn't want any wine because I didn't need the calories and then proceeded to consume massive amounts of food (ask Brandon, I could eat my first trimester!!). We decided not to find out the baby's sex before it's born. We have gone back and forth with many names and I still don't think we have settled on anything yet - but what's the rush?? Baby's only due in 2 days! Brandon has taken to the name Wolfgang Danger Filzen. So throughout most of my pregnancy, Baby F has been affectionately referred to as Wolfgang (Wolfie for short) and I'm hoping that that nickname quickly goes away after s/he is born!! :-)

Brandon and I had been living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment close to MSU's campus in Mankato. Although we complained about it constantly, it was convenient for both of us as we were both going to school at MSU and working in Mankato. When we found out the baby was on the way, we starting talking about where we were going to live. We looked at quite a few houses in Mankato, but we didn't find anything that really caught our eye. Brandon owned a piece of land in New Ulm so when we couldn't find anything in Mankato that we liked, we decided to build a house on the land in New Ulm. We started digging March 30, 2010 and moved into our house on July 3, 2010. Brandon and I (ok, pretty much just Brandon) did quite a bit of the work in the house ourselves. Brandon made custom cabinetry for our kitchen, bathrooms and designed me a gorgeous master closet. We (Ok, Brandon again, along with help from his family) did all the painting and Brandon did all the trim and finish work in the house. He did an excellent job. I have one talented husband! The baby's room is all set up - diapers, toys and all - now we just need the baby to go in the room!

I am adjusting to the 35 minute commute to work from New Ulm to Mankato. Some days I miss my 3 minute drive but some times the drive gives me time to unwind from work before I get home. Brandon is working at Mathiowetz Construction again this summer. He has been all over the state with his jobs already this summer - Maple Plain, Ormsby, Mankato and currently, Owatonna. He hasn't been too terribly far from home so if the baby comes during the day he'll get to the hospital on time! 
So, we are hoping and praying that Baby F makes his or her appearance very soon! 
Tomorrow Brandon and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. I'm thinking a baby would be a great anniversary gift! 

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  1. The blog idea is a great can be time consuming...but totally worth it.