Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Baby Girl's a Week Old Today!

I can't believe my baby girl is a week old today. Time is going by way too fast - I want it to slow down or even stop. Baby Liza is changing so much every day. Her face is filling out and her little personality is starting to shine through. She's such a mellow little girl. We hardly ever hear a peep out of her, except at bath time! Even when she's hungry she only makes a few squeaks. 
Liza and I are doing well at home by ourselves when daddy is at work. We've had lots of visits from both grandmas and today great grandma and grandpa Swenson stopped by along with a couple other visitors. Mommy always has Liza ready for daddy time when he gets home from work so daddy can spend as much time with her as he can when he gets home. She loves her daddy! 
Friday Uncle Bryant and Aunt Abigail are coming to meet Liza. Saturday we are having family pictures taken and then Sunday will be Liza's baptism. Bryant, Abi and Brandon's sister Abbey will be Liza's Godparents. I have to find time to clean my house before Sunday. You'd think I'd have plenty of time being home all day but taking care of a baby is a lot of work! I'm also hoping to get some highlights and an eye brow wax before Saturday, but that might just be wishful thinking....

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