Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had a very busy weekend! We had Miss Liza's baptism this morning. She did so good! Not a peep out of her the whole service, not even when she got the water on her head - just made a couple funny faces and then was back to peacefully sleeping away. Uncle Bryant and Aunt Abigail and Aunt Abbey were Liza's sponsors. We had both Brandon and my families and grandparents over to our house for brunch following the church service. I was able to catch a nap in the afternoon while Brandon hung out with Liza and then we went to our neighborhood block party to meet all the neighbors. We didn't stay long with it being 91 degrees outside! Tonight our friends Richard and Jenny, Justin and Ashley, Jeremy and Amber and Mark came over to meet Liza. She's got so many people who love her!
Aunt Abi did a photo shoot with Liza this weekend and is working on our baby announcements. They look so great! Saturday night we went with my mom, Bry and Abi to Quality 1 Hr Foto and got family pictures taken. We got some GREAT ones of our new family of 3. I am unable to post them because of copyrights but may try to attach the link to view them online. 
Mom and Liza don't have much planned for this week. Liza has her 2 week (I can't believe it!) well-baby check up on Wednesday and I have a dentist appointment that same day. Brandon starts school again tomorrow and will continue to work when he can. Hopefully he'll have a little it more time with Liza and me and home now that school is starting. We kinda miss him a lot when he's gone! 
Here's some of the pictures from Aunt Abi's photo shoot...

My first bath in the tub

                                                                     Our Family

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