Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Brandon, Liza and I had a nice, relaxing Labor Day weekend. Friday night we went over to some friends house to hang out. We brought Little Liza with us and there was another baby there that was born the same day as Liza. It was fun to find a playmate for her - too bad that baby lives in Iowa! 
Saturday Brandon landscaped the yard all day and we took a family trip to Mankato to go to Lowe's to get some more shrubs and plants for the yard. 
Sunday we got up and actually made it to 8:00 church. That is quite the accomplishment these days! Grandma Ann came over Sunday to play with Liza while mom and dad cleaned up the house because our friends, Matt and Heather came over the see the house and to meet baby Liza, of course! It was great to see them again and we had a great time! 
Grandma Barb came over today and watched Liza for the day so Brandon and I could get out and spend some time with just the 2 of us together. We went to Lambrechts so I could use my gift card from Ann for my birthday. We got some cool stuff for the kitchen and Grandma Barb's birthday present from Liza! We also did some Christmas shopping! Last year for Christmas Brandon and I and my brother and his wife did an ornament exchange. We found perfect ornaments for both of them at Lambrechts so we bought them! Then we went to Mankato, went out to eat and bought some things to put on the walls in the house so it actually looks like some one lives here. When we were in the mall, we walked past Motherhood Maternity and there was a cute pregnant lady in there trying on clothes and it really made me miss being pregnant! I might be ready for another little one sooner than I thought! Tonight I'm finishing up my thank you cards for all the baby gifts and doing birth announcements. Brandon and Liza Bear are studying.
Brandon and Liza studying

Liza's been up about every 2 hours over night the past couple of nights, so hopefully she lets me sleep a little tonight! That's it for now!

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